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Forth Bridge first sections “launched”

Forth Bridge first sections “launched”   This recent view of the “launch ” area at Echline clearly show the first two sections in position. These sections will be gradually pushed out towards the central tower in a remarkable feat of engineering.

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Tugs Hard at Work on the Forth

Tugs hard at work Whilst out flying on a recent sortie over the Forth I caught this image of one of the bigger tankers to visit the Hound Point Oil Terminal  being moved into position by tugs.

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Giant Wind Turbine Methil

Giant wind turbine completed at Methil Samsung Heavy Industries have recently completed the world’s largest offshore wind turbine at Methil. This giant 7mw structure is a remarkable feat of engineering and this photograph shows the final blade being lifted into position .

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World’s largest offshore wind turbine

Samsung Heavy Industries have recently completed building the worlds’ largest offshore wind turbine at Methil, Fife. White house Studios was contracted to cover the construction with time lapse and video and also aerial photography as seen in this dramatic shot of the final blade being lifted into position.

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Autumn’s Rays

Autumn’s Rays    Whilst flying in Fife recently I captured this atmospheric image before it all too quickly vanished. One of the many joy’s of my work is seeing nature from a different angle .

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Dubrovnik sparkles in Autumn sunshine

I was recently working in Croatia photographing the 1000 Islands Yacht Race and captured this image of the wonderful city of Dubrovnik. The Dalmatian coast is stunning and a photographer’s paradise !

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Borders Rail Project

Work underway on Borders Rail Project The City Bypass diversion at Sherrifhall is clearly shown here and will shortly be in use enabling tunnelling works to be carried for the Borders Rail route

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Perthshire Panorama

Perthshire Panorama I was recently commissioned to produce a panorama of an estate in Perthshire and waited nearly two months to get the perfect conditions. We finally managed what we thought was the impossible and here it is !

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Twilight over New Forth Crossing

Work begins on one of the massive concrete pours on the New Forth Crossing which goes on 24 hours a day over several days . The constant stream of concrete barges and marine craft are captured here on a beautiful moonlit summer’s evening.

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Edinburgh Castle prepares for the Tattoo

Edinburgh Castle prepares for the Tattoo    Taken on a beautiful spring morning this view of Edinburgh Castle shows not only many visitors to Scotland’s No 1 visitor attraction but also work under way to erect the seating and arena for the world famous Edinburgh Military Tattoo

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