Forth Crossing reaches final phase of Construction

This dramatic view of the Forth Crossing in low winter light shows it nearing completion. There are only  two deck sections to go !

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Inveramsay Bridge completed

The newly completed A96 Inveramsay bridge project captured on a spring morning. The new over-bridge carries traffic across the main Aberdeen to Inverness railway line and avoids the old under bridge which caused considerable traffic congestion .

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Forth Crossing takes shape for northside launch

This dramatic drone view shows the north launch area of the Queensferry Crossing . The massive deck section will soon be pushed out towards the north tower and another milestone in project achieved.

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Borders Rail Project nears completion

It has been a while since a posted on the Borders Rail Project . On a beautiful June day I flew the project and it is virtually complete now . I look forward to seeing the first trains running soon through the majestic rolling Borders countryside .

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Queensferry Crossing takes shape

This recent view of the Queensferry Crossing clearly shows work is progressing on the construction of all three towers. The central tower will soon be at bridge deck height.

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Central Tower of Replacement Forth Crossing

Work takes shape on the central tower of the Forth Replacement Crossing. What was once known as the “Beamer Rock”  is now home to a small army of construction workers.

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Forth Bridge first sections “launched”

Forth Bridge first sections “launched”   This recent view of the “launch ” area at Echline clearly show the first two sections in position. These sections will be gradually pushed out towards the central tower in a remarkable feat of engineering.

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Tugs Hard at Work on the Forth

Tugs hard at work Whilst out flying on a recent sortie over the Forth I caught this image of one of the bigger tankers to visit the Hound Point Oil Terminal  being moved into position by tugs.

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Giant Wind Turbine Methil

Giant wind turbine completed at Methil Samsung Heavy Industries have recently completed the world’s largest offshore wind turbine at Methil. This giant 7mw structure is a remarkable feat of engineering and this photograph shows the final blade being lifted into position .

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Autumn’s Rays

Autumn’s Rays    Whilst flying in Fife recently I captured this atmospheric image before it all too quickly vanished. One of the many joy’s of my work is seeing nature from a different angle .

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